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OnTrack is an exclusive business mastermind and entrepreneur network, helping ambitious entrepreneurs connect big vision to effective execution.

"If you want to increase the amount of high performing and driven business owners in your circle... get into OnTrack." - Riley A.

Hi, I'm Peter...

And I've walked the path you're on. Entrepreneurship is a courageous and often challenging life choice.

I know the feeling of desiring my dream life but feeling like there was a missing piece to the puzzle... like I was stuck in neutral coasting down the freeway (while everyone else zoomed past, making success look easy).

Is this you?
The business is growing,
but your profits aren't hitting targets
You've got big visions but too many projects on the go at once
Word of mouth is no longer scalable as your primary marketing channel
...and stress, anxiety and burnout are there lingering under the surface

You've found some success in your business but you're not exactly where you want to be... and the alternative (working for someone else) just ain't an option! Friends and family are supportive but don't 'get it' as they're not in the drivers' seat like you, and the inspiring mentors you wish you could ask questions are out of reach.

I, probably like you, started a business because I wanted a life on my terms - though I quickly realised I'd created a job I could never quit! As a grew my business, more money equaled more problems and I couldn't imagine a way out of what I'd created. Many times I considered giving up.

"You need this. This group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills so that no hurdles are too high." - Jimmy P.

I had big plans and dreams but every time I felt close to achieving them, a client setback, financial surprise or staff disaster would take my business off track (along with my sanity). It never felt 100% smooth sailing.

after nearly 20yrs in the game - it still doesn't!

But, it does get better! Along the way I've developed what I call  'entrepreneurial muscles'... the set of practices and disciplines - when -repeated daily, weekly and monthly almost guarantee success. They're simple to understand, less simple to follow religiously - but they do work!

Armed with these muscles, it's my mission to help Entrepreneurs connect their big vision to effective execution and exit their self-created rat race.

I hope to have the opportunity to serve you.

Cheers, Pete.

"Pete’s knowledge is deep and his attitude and understanding of emotions and personalities is invaluable." - Steven G.

What are entrepreneurial muscles?

Here's 3 we start with... these are the 80/20 of getting your s%#* together

Personal Mastery

Masting your business starts with mastering yourself. Your external world will always be a reflection of your inner world and a business will always reveal our shadows and weak spots.

Team Cadence & Structure

Getting the basics of you and your team in a solid rhythm of execution (that can work without you),
so your big visions and crazy ideas actually happen (rather than chaos and spinning wheels).

Data-driven Thinking

From the greatest minds at Google and other Silicon Valley luminaries I've had the honour to work alongside - this approach to strategy and decision making will put you ahead of the rest, consistently.

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